Jamming ain’t for sissies – 48 Hour Global Game Jam

Global Game Jam 2016
February 1, 2016
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February 15, 2016

Jamming ain’t for sissies – 48 Hour Global Game Jam

So while you and I were probably kicking back and chilling over the weekend, some members of the Fuzzy Logic team were taking part in the Global Game Jam 2016. As mentioned yesterday, this basically consisted of people getting together at over 500 sites all over the world to make individual games in 48 hours. So what were the results….other than protesting stomachs and bodies from takeaways and cricked necks as a result from sleeping on the floor?!

City of Blood

As the title suggest, this game is slightly twisted! “The premise of the game is that you are the ruler of a small Aztec island city and you need to keep 5 of the gods happy with ritual sacrifice. You have 4 main resources: population, prisoners, food and happiness.” (www.globalgamejam.org)

The main gameplay system is built around finding a balance between the resources, all of which have growth rates. In order to keep your city’s population happy, you must keep your people fed. Food income can be increased by building farm silos, and population growth by housing. Prisoner growth rates can also be increased by building barracks and prisons.

how buildings affect resources

On the other hand, you also need to please the various gods by performing frequent ritual sacrifices in their honor. Ideally, prisoners can be sacrificed in order to appease their demands, but should your prisoner resource run scarce, you can sacrifice your own populous. This pleases the gods greatly, but in turn decreases your population’s happiness!Resource flow

The various gods each have their own blessings and curses which they can cast upon your city should they be greatly pleased or thoroughly displeased with your recent number of sacrifices. These blessings and curses in turn affect your food, population, and prisoner growth rates.


Finally, there are also random world events that can occur, and these affect your resource growth rates. A harsh winter for instance with decrease population growth and food growth.


Seven of the Fuzzy Logic team were involved with an additional member from outside of the company. I interviewed a member of the team to get some insight into the game. Gnoblar_agency had the following to say:

“When working on City of Blood, the subject matter was a great change of pace. The Aztecs and their beliefs proved to be an interesting concept to build a game around. We went to some lengths to research their Gods and practices to try immerse ourselves into the mythology. The game is also a management/strategy game, a genre which, to my knowledge, not many of the members had worked on such before. We also all loved the dark and violent tone of the game. [Editor’s note: Should we be worried about this last comment?!!!!]

We encountered a lot of difficulty in balancing the game out. I initially told the other programmers that the game is “just numbers and maths” but it soon dawned on us that the numbers were actually quite complicated and the statistics behind how each resource effect each other was very deep.

Some interesting facts about the game. Initially I wanted to make a game where you manage a church and its income through donations. In some way that idea transformed into this one (not sure how that jump was made!) Also the game was supposed to be 2D with pixel art but the artists made such awesome 3D art for us we couldn’t resist going 3D.”

As the team mention on the Global Game Jam website, the game is quite buggy, but is an awesome achievement in such a short amount of time. The artists did a fantastic job of making a 48 hour game look far better than it should have, and the team plan to take the project forward in their own time in order to polish, balance, and have a fully playable version to add to their portfolio.


Click here to see more or to download and play the game.

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