Augmented Reality MiniMonsters – Scariest Cans in Town!

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Augmented Reality MiniMonsters – Scariest Cans in Town!

MiniMonsters AR

Fuzzy Logic‘s augmented reality project, MiniMonsters, hit the shelves in the US on the 1st September last year. MiniMonsters brings the limited edition Dr Pepper Snapple Group MiniMonsters drink cans to life right before your eyes. Released for the 2015 Halloween period, the experience is activated by downloading the MiniMonsters app and viewing the special cans through a device’s camera. The app is available on both iOS and Android.


The Dr Pepper Snapple MiniMonsters were created in 2014 to encourage consumers to pick up all the different available flavours for their Halloween parties and goody bags. We were asked by Clockwork VFX to give life to these monsters through an AR experience to engage consumers and, once again, encourage them to collect and try all the flavours.


The team had great fun with this project. The easy part was refining and polishing up the existing animations, the hard part was to get devices to recognise an image on the cans’ reflective round surface to activate the animations. Luckily, having honed our techniques during the In-Bar Promotion AR Game and Mystic Mug project, we were able to overcome this somewhat challenging aspect of the project. We also spent a lot of time on the special effects and visual aspects of the AR experience, as each animation had a short amount of time to engage the consumer and we wanted to ensure a ‘wow’ factor!

What resulted were 6 different monsters popping out of the cans, wreaking havoc and posing for selfies!

For more videos, visit the Fuzzy Logic YouTube page.



Note: The download does not include the cans which are required to activate the experience.

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