Augmented Reality – Fuzzy Logic’s Radio Interview

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July 18, 2016
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Augmented Reality – Fuzzy Logic’s Radio Interview

Augmented Reality Radio Interview

Everyone is talking about Pokemon Go and Augmented Reality, including Fuzzy Logic’s MD, Jason Ried, who was interviewed by Aden Thomas on Heart 104.9 FM last week.

During the interview, Jason explains that AR is not a new technology and has in fact been around since the 80’s. He points out that Pokemon Go is the “perfect convergence of technologies” with 4 real areas that people have been working on for years. Finally all of this technology is part of our daily lives:

  1. Augmented Reality – Never before have we had devices powerful enough to handle these programs
  2. Duo-Location Services – Informs us of where we are i.e. GPS systems
  3. Mobile technology – Basically we all walk around with mobile computers in the form of cell phones
  4. Cloud Services – These allow us to plug into bug multi-player games and business systems etc

However, due to a number of advances in technology and the way we lead our lives, AR is fast becoming something that will pervade the very fabric of our lives. Overarching this is gamification and creating fun ways for people to interact with brands and each other.

Listen to the interview here:

Augmented Reality is developed in such a way that although there are multi-player options available the game, or app, is customised in such a way that it understands your immediate environment. In other words if you have 2 players on opposite ends of the country, the built-in technology recognises each players surroundings and customizes, or adapts, the players game to suit his/her immediate environment. The possibilities are actually endless!

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