What is Augmented Reality?

Engage and inspire users interacting with your brand, product or business

Augmented Reality (AR) is a live view of a real world environment enhanced by overlaying computer generated layers of information such as sound, graphics, video or animations. This is all viewed through a screen such as a mobile phone or iPad.

Looking through your phone camera, AR suddenly transforms a real world desk into a forest with dinosaurs roaming free, or corporate branding into an interactive experience.

AR Geo Location Image
AR Geo Location Image

Why use AR?

AR is quickly becoming a key differentiator for brands and product owners looking to engage their customers in new and novel ways.

With AR, you can communicate directly with users through notifications, promotions, games, interactive experiences and so much more, just by recognising their location or what they can see through their screen.

We are an award winning augmented reality developer building the next generation of consumer mobile experiences

Who are Fuzzy Logic?

We can help you create the most compelling and innovative experience for your customer

Augmented Reality Developer of the Year 2013

Who are we?

We’re an award winning team of artists, designers and programmers who love nothing more than to work with clients to turn their ideas into the most engaging augmented reality product imaginable.

With over 20 years of international experience in the AAA games industry working on big budget console games such as Disney Universe, Championship Manager and Split/Second, our aim is to create products that are simple to use, whilst also cutting edge in functionality and design.

We’re registered Apple, Android, Windows and Nintendo developers and are a ‘preferred developer’ for the two major AR technology providers, String and Qualcomm. We’re very proud to have won ‘AR Developer of the Year 2013’ and to be shortlisted for ‘Most Innovative use of AR 2013’ at the European AR Awards.

Why work with us?

We don’t simply create experiences, we use game analytics, behavioural psychology and user research to make experiences more compelling.

Fuzzy Logic have a proven record of helping clients all over the world deliver successful AR products on time and on budget across multiple platforms using a range of business models. As a team, we pride ourselves on speaking ‘non-techy’ language and on our ability to advise on business models and monetization relevant to your idea or business case, if required.

Our offices are located in George, along the beautiful Garden Route in the Western Cape of South Africa, which gives us a similar time zone to Europe whilst giving us an extremely favourable cost structure compared to European and US developers.

“What makes Fuzzy Logic true partners to us is their ability to anticipate our needs and their creative ability to be able to execute our ideas in the real world”

Francois Vorster – MD, Integrated Marketing Solutions (ADreach)

Our Apps

Our apps have been released into 50 countries with more than 2.5 million downloads

Stories to Life

Combining the magic of augmented reality & a beautiful children's book, the Fuzzy Logic team brings you an experience where every page becomes a living set.


Easily share your architectural designs with clients in a way they can understand.

AR Development Project

Super-Secret AR Game

Shhhhh!!! Don't tell anyone!!!

This is our latest AR development project but it's so super-secret that if we told you about it then we'd have to kill you 😉 What we can tell you is that it's a toys-to-life game and we're working with a major American toy company...details to follow as soon as we can share!

How we work?

We don’t sign up to the one-size-fits-all theory and will tailor the AR product to your specific requirements

We love nothing more than to take a seed of an idea or a business need and help flesh it out into a fully formed concept. Equally, we’re happy to work to a complete brief. Either way, the result is the same; an amazing AR experience that engages and delights.

The Fuzzy Logic team will initially work with you to understand your business need, budget and time frames. From this we will set project goals, agree a project plan and begin creating prototypes. Using your feedback and user behaviour testing to improve the prototypes, the final product will be packaged with AAA production values delivering a cutting edge, highly polished augmented reality experience that exceeds your expectations.

“Fuzzy Logic are very creative, very diligent and able to offer great direction but also follow a brief and stick to a schedule and budget.”

Simon Phillips, MD, Fairplay Media

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