The Business Behind Free-2-Play & How It’s Driving Digital Entrepreneurship.

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August 15, 2016
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The Business Behind Free-2-Play & How It’s Driving Digital Entrepreneurship.

Free-2-play games and apps

Fuzzy Logic‘s latest article has been published on  In this article we talk about the concept of free-2-play and how it is driving digital entrepreneurship and innovation.

Because most people are familiar with free software, like Dropbox and antivirus for example, free-2 -play is not always understood from a business perspective. The question ‘how do you make money’ is always posed by those without the know. This article explains the monetisation of free-2- play games and apps. We also discuss what this model means from a marketing perspective – from lowering barriers to entry for new products, to lowering marketing costs.

Another important factor discussed is the necessity to understand the nuances of human psychology and behaviour which is imperative to maximise engagement. This, often overlooked by many games and app developers, is one of the key factors Fuzzy Logic takes into consideration when developing for in-house use or on behalf of a client.

Read the full article on The Business Behind Free-2-Play here.

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