In the beginning, there was Jason…..

January 11, 2016
Jeffrey loves cows……
January 25, 2016

In the beginning, there was Jason…..

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Over the next few months I’m going to give you a bit more background on who Fuzzy Logic are and where we came from, to help you get to know us.

Fuzzy Logic is the brain child of Jason Ried’s, a guy who grew up in South Africa in the time of the ZX Spectrum (+2!!!!!!!). He’d rush home from school, and later work, foregoing lunch to play Pro Evo with his best friend, dreaming of the day he’d get to make his own games.

In 2002, Jason took a huge leap of faith and moved to the UK to pursue his dream. He finally got a job as a QA tester at Eidos Interactive, where he worked his way up to Associate Producer. The games he worked on were big budget, AAA games such as Championship Manager, Just Cause 2, Tomb Raider, Hitman and Wacky Races. He then moved to Disney Interactive Studios in 2008 where he was part of the team that produced the award winning game Split/Second. So yes, Jason is that person at parties who, when asked what he does, stops people in their tracks with his answer and invokes envy in most social gamers……but on with our story….

In 2011, Jason took another leap of faith when he was given the opportunity to move back to South Africa to start up his own development studio. He decided to focus on the latest technology, augmented reality (AR), as well as apps and mobile games. Setting up in George, in the heart of the Garden Route, with a view of the beach every morning when he woke up, (yip, I feel more envy building up!), Fuzzy Logic was born. We are now a team of 11 and you’ll be hearing a lot more about the team, individually and collectively, over the next few months.

Jason’s aim for Fuzzy Logic “is to not only create world class games and apps, but to help grow the games industry in South Africa where we have a wealth of untapped potential and talent.” To date we have released chart topping products, won an international award and have just started work on a secret big budget, highly ambitious AR game for an international game and toy company.

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