Gamified Learning in the Financial Sphere

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September 26, 2016
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Gamified Learning in the Financial Sphere

Gamified Learning

Gamification and gamified learning are some of the latest buzz words within enterprises looking for new and fun ways to engage their staff and customers. In Fuzzy Logic‘s latest article, Jason Ried discusses a solution that we created in partnership with the Training Room Online, that looked to shake up the way in which the customer, a major financial intuition, delivered its on-board training for new recruits. The training programme was still delivered in a traditional class room environment with an adjudicator but with a strong digital component that weaved in a powerful augmented reality game element, thus creating a “dynamic, blended learning experience”. Jason also goes on to discuss some concepts and the psychology behind gamification.

To read more about this project and the concepts and the psychology behind gamification, read the full article:

If you would like to discuss how gamification or gamified learning could benefit your staff or customers, please get in touch.


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