Gaming – When humour and art collide

ARkit & ARcore... Apple and Google finally jumping into augmented reality.
ARkit & ARcore… Apple and Google are finally jumping into augmented reality.
September 14, 2017
Industry Round Up 2017
Fuzzy Logic Industry Round Up of 2017 – AR, Games and Apps
January 29, 2018

Gaming – When humour and art collide

Fuzzy Logic don’t just specialise in augmented reality…we’re also an experienced games studio. So let’s chat a bit about gaming.

Recently we’ve been talking a lot about augmented reality and the new technology recently unveiled by Google and Apple, ARKit and AR Core. We’ve also talked about what’s happening in the way of headsets/glasses such as Hololens and Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Glasses. However, many don’t realise that we’re also a games studio. So today we’re going to chat about our latest gaming project.  

While gaming used to be seen as a niche area for geeks hiding in their bedrooms with the curtains drawn, playing into the wee hours of the night, in recent years, social gaming has skyrocketed and even your everyday people from housewives/husbands to business men and women, from children to your young at heart are playing on their phones, laptops and tablets. In this vein, Fuzzy Logic have been working on a particularly hilarious social drawing app, Sketch Happens.

Sketch Happens may just quench your weird and wonderful arty thirst.

Ever wanted to graffiti statues like The Statue of David or famous faces like Putin, George W Bush and Trump? Well, Sketch Happens is the game for you. Sketch Happens is a multiplayer party game where you draw in your own doodle in the blank parts of random iconic images. We’ve taken some well known images from political to classic art to sports, removed some of the image and presented you with a canvas to finish off the piece with your own wacky scribbles. Here’s a sneaky peak:

Being a multiplayer game, this app is meant to be played with some equally fun and weird friends or, failing that, strangers online. Everyone gets 90 seconds to add their creative sketches to the same image using an array of colours and size of brush. Once the timer has run out, each player is asked to scroll through the artwork of the other players and choose their favourite. The results are collated and the picture with the most votes wins. There’s no rules on what or how to draw. The idea is to get as many of your images voted for as the best to win the round. You can be as serious or as funny as you want, it’s up to you. However, let’s be honest (and we’ve tested this) the funnier your image, the more likely it is to win. 

Currently Sketch Happens is in beta testing with selected players. If you can’t wait for the official release and would like to help us with this stage of development, contact us and we’ll get you onboard. For everyone else, watch this space for announcements regarding the release on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

So, why are we talking to you about our game? Well gaming has pervaded our everyday lives and is not only there for our sheer pleasure, but recently has also started to be employed in other spheres such as education and marketing via gamification.

Gamification is becoming more and more important within everyday businesses looking to excite their customers through novel gamified offerings (think Discovery’s Vitality and FNB’s E-bucks), and even their staff, through spicing up, for example, training and onboarding. Adding an AR element into a gamified process can enhance engagement even further, as explained in our Gamified Learning in the Financial Sphere blog post. For more on this read our earlier blog posts on gamification

So, whether you have a great pure game idea or are looking to gamify something within your business, Fuzzy Logic are the perfect partner for your venture. Why work with us? Well, we have over 20 years combined experience in the AAA games industry and have successfully launched our own game, Soccer Moves, which reached #1 in over 52 companies with over 3 million downloads worldwide. We are experts in our field. So get in touch, let’s chat through your ideas and start exploring how the world of games and, for that matter, AR can benefit you and/or your business.    

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