How Cool Are Microsoft’s Prototype Augmented Reality Glasses?

Stories To Life: An Augmented Reality Children’s Book
April 19, 2017
ARkit & ARcore... Apple and Google finally jumping into augmented reality.
ARkit & ARcore… Apple and Google are finally jumping into augmented reality.
September 14, 2017

How Cool Are Microsoft’s Prototype Augmented Reality Glasses?

AR Glasses

How Cool Are Microsoft’s Prototype Augmented Reality Glasses? They don’t look wacky and we, at Fuzzy logic, are already huge fans!

When Microsoft launched the Hololens, nearly 2 years ago, our office was abuzz… so you can only imagine the excitement when we heard about their plans for new and improved “goggles”, less expensive and nowhere near as bulky.

Straight off the bat, the appeal of the new prototype Augmented Reality glasses is that we probably won’t look like sci-fi aliens when we wear them. Nor will we look like we are about to shout out “beam me up Scotty”. We can’t contain our excitement and are hoping to get our hands on a pair of these normal looking, thick framed glasses soon.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done,” Microsoft researchers Andrew Maimone, Andreas Georgiou, and Joel Kollin wrote in a paper describing the glasses containing holographic display prototypes, which employ a technique called digital holography. The researchers will talk about their work at the Siggraph conference in Los Angeles in August.

The paper comes a few weeks after Facebook talked about building AR glasses. Snap, which sells camera sunglasses for its Snapchat messaging app, has introduced AR software features, although it has not yet indicated it’s working on proper AR glasses. Apple is also making headway in the AR world with iOS 11.

AR generally involves superimposing virtual images on top of what you actually see. Virtual reality (VR), by comparison, entails completely covering your eyesight and showing you artificial imagery.

Fuzzy logic are extremely familiar with various AR applications and recently developed an Augmented Reality Children’s Book, ‘Stories To Life’, which will hopefully be available in the near future.

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