Mystic Mug – AR entertainment while sipping your cuppa!

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Mystic Mug – AR entertainment while sipping your cuppa!

Mystic Mug augmented reality

Mystic Mug is a quirky novelty item that delivers entertaining tongue in cheek fortunes via a physical mug and augmented reality experience.

So, you’re sitting there quietly having a cuppa and you suddenly wonder what the world has in store for you today. Well, wonder no more! With Mystic Mug you can now both drink your cuppa and have your fortune read…two birds, one stone…or mug!

After downloading the AR app for free on Android or iOS, you aim your smartphone’s camera at the special mug to activate the AR experience and one of twenty five preloaded personalised fortunes is delivered by a mysterious fortune telling wizard. Additional fortunes are also available via in-app purchases.


Brought to the market by StARz, Fuzzy Logic had a lot of fun creating this AR experience. From coming up with the concept to the creation of the artwork, the team had to create an AR app that conveyed a mystical feeling to users, not an easy task. We also once again had the challenge of using cylindrical objects as markers but having not long finished the In-Bar Promotion AR Game, we were able to take the learnings from that project and refine them for Mystic Mug. Ensuring that the fortune teller was facing the user no matter what side of the mug the user was aiming their camera at was an interesting aspect of the project as well as engaging the user in such a way to ensure that they did not move the camera away from the mug while the fortune was being read out. At the backend, the system to load further fortunes in the future also proved to be slightly more intricate than previously thought, but we put our wizard hats on and pulled the rabbit out of the hat (too much mystical talk?!). We even got to come up with our own fortunes!

So one word of advice…..try not to run your life by the fortunes the wizard conjures up!!!



Note: The download does not include the mug which is required to activate the experience.

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