Our Philosophy

Fuzzy Logic creates exceptional immersive experiences

Fuzzy Logic create games that are simple to use, whilst also cutting edge in functionality, appearance and design. We’re registered Apple, Android and Nintendo developers, though being an inquisitive bunch we’re always fiddling around with new platforms, including Oculus Rift and Microsoft Hololens.

We strongly believe in rapid prototyping and agile project management methodologies. We embrace the concept of user feedback combined with iterative development, all aimed at creating exceptional, immersive experiences.

Fuzzy Logic strives to bring innovative mechanics and AAA production values to all of our products, whether for a client or our own properties. We work tirelessly to provide the user with the best possible experience.


We are an award winning developer building the next generation of consumer mobile experiences

Who are Fuzzy Logic?

We can help you create the most compelling and innovative experience for your customer

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Fuzzy Logic was formed in July 2011 with the goal of producing high quality, innovative titles on digital platforms. We are at the cutting edge of software technology on our chosen platforms. We employ games analytics, behavioral psychology and user research to create entertaining, commercially successful products.

Our first self-published game, Soccer Moves, reached #1 in 52 countries across a range of charts. These accolades prove we’ve found the right balance between art, design and functionality.

Our experienced team’s background is in technically complex AAA video games, having worked on award winning titles such as Split/Second, Disney Universe, Championship Manager and many other such titles. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the same quality, creativity and professionalism in our mobile games.

Our offices are located in South Africa, which gives us a similar time zone to central Europe while giving us an extremely favorable cost structure in relation to US or European based developers.

“Fuzzy Logic’s experience with Unity development has been a true asset. They have proven themselves as a diligent and committed team of developers.”

James Dobrowski – Production Director, Mediatonic 

Our Games

Our games have been released into 50 countries with more than 2.5 million downloads

#Tap Gym

Do you even #tapgym, bro? How many sets can you do?

Lifts! Lunges! Bench press! Squats! Tree pose… #tapgym brings the gym to your phone. No more excuses. Hit the #tapgym today. Everyday! #trainhard Weight lifting, cardio, yoga… You can now do all of these while chilling on the couch. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Share your #scoreword with everyone, anywhere you want. >#fit Start off with a few basic exercises and unlock new ones as you get better, and compete for the best #scoreword #tapgym coming soon!

Soccer Moves

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars and ranked #1 in 53 countries

Outsmart defenders with your clever moves and become the ultimate soccer legend! With a limited number of moves, cleverly pass, run or shoot your way through the defenders to score the perfect goal, progressing from novice to pro.

Skylanders Collection Vault™

The official Skylanders app!

For the first time ever, you can now see and explore all the Skylanders and their backstory, keep track of your Skylanders collection while unlocking special content and battle your friends to see whose Skylanders collection ranks supreme!

Our Services

We don’t sign up to the one-size-fits-all theory

We’re looking for new opportunities to work with clients throughout the world, helping bring concepts or franchises to market.

Fuzzy Logic has experience across the full game development and publishing cycle of multi-platform video games, specificall

  • Conceptualization and implementation of groundbreaking concepts, delivering high quality, polished products.
  • Development support and updates for existing titles.
  • Implementation of a number of SDK’s for advertising, social networks or platform holder functionality.
  • Specialization in Unity3D, however we have experience across multiple game engines.
  • Experience in implementing a variety of digital business models from free-2-play, games as a service or games as a product.

Fuzzy Logic has a proven ability to deliver successful products across multiple platforms, using a range of digital business models and publishing functions.

“Fuzzy Logic are very creative, very diligent and able to offer great direction but also follow a brief and stick to a schedule and budget.”

Simon Phillips, MD, Fairplay Media

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