#tapgym – Do you even lift, bro?

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April 5, 2017
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#tapgym – Do you even lift, bro?

#tapgym - Do you even lift, bro?

#tapgym – Do you even lift, bro? I bet you can’t weight. #comingsoon

Fast, furious tapping and swiping gets you through the hardest exercises. Can you beat the highest number of sets and earn the best #scoreword?

Inspired by all the bros hitting the gym hard and all the gamers pounding buttons, these two worlds collide hard in #tapgym. Do you even lift, bro?  I bet you can’t weight.

– #tapgym games are 5-8 second long exercises where players need to own the exercise, quickly and aggressively.
– Tap #furiously to raise the dumbbells, swipe to complete the sit ups or rotate to survive on the cycle.
– Pound the reps to earn the highest score and hit up your social media homies to earn #respect.
– Power up to punish the weights or treadmill #hard.
– Unlock new exercises and the special Beserk mode (details still to come!)

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#tagym #comingsoon to a mobile gym near you.

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